Post Office Loses a Whole Bunch of Mail

December 4, 2020
Washington D.C.

Yesterday, Postmaster Louis DeJoy announced in a brief statement that a regional Post Office distribution center in Columbus, Ohio had misplaced a small amount of outgoing mail on several occasions dating back to March 2020. DeJoy went on to explain that this had no impact whatsoever on ballots used in the November elections, as those items are routed through a different facility. He then continued, “this would only have impacted standard First Class letters, probably only those originating from certain neighborhoods in Blacklick, OH, probably in the run up to big holidays. So if any of your relatives or friends who live in Blacklick claimed to have sent you letters that you never received, you should definitely believe them – I back up their assertions 100%.”

In response to a reporter’s follow-up question, DeJoy was evasive about whether the problem had been fixed going forward: “Very probably likely.” He then ended the press conference abruptly and left the room.